Best tips when selecting a timber supplier


As a dealer in the wooden products, you have to choose your timber carefully. One of the best ways of doing this is through a dealer of wood who will be tasked with supplying you with good quality timber. Timber may be used for various purposes. When selecting timber, make sure that you choose the right timber for the right purpose. Australian lattice and timber supplies near Melbourne are the one of the best service providers. Let us look at the best tips when selecting the ideal timber supplier.

Best tips

Growing area


Firstly, understand the growing area since different types of trees grow in certain areas and not in others. This should give you an idea of the type and quality of the timber that you are acquiring. Purchase timber from areas that are considered great hubs of the timber of your choice. Trees in some areas take longer to grow and are therefore costly to buy timber from such areas. Buying timber from areas that trees grow faster may be a great option for you since timber from such areas is usually affordable.


Timber is categorized into two: the softwood and hardwood. Hardwood is considered better quality timber than the softwood timber. Furniture that is made from hardwood trees like mahogany is not only popular and classy but also expensive. Your client’s needs might guide your preference. If your clients are interested in items that are made from softwood, then you will have to look for a softwood supplier. You may also choose your niche and stick to it. If you are looking for the high-end clients, then you can choose to deal in the hardwood and not the softwood.


Timber comes in various sizes and width. The longer and wider the timber the better for many people since it can be easily sized to desired shape and length. Choose wood of a wider width because it is easier to work with such kind of wood. Timber that has a greater length and width are more costly than those that are not.



The reputation of the timber supplier is also important when choosing the ideal timber supplier. Ask for references from friends and business partners who have acquired timber from either of the suppliers before. Purchase timber from a supplier who has a good reputation this is one of the ways of ensuring that you deal with a timber seller who will sell quality.


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